Again, I skipped the class today. I feel soooooo guilty...! Actually, I didn't finish my outline, the second essay of the writing class. Ira is so strict with us. If we don't hand in the ouline or the assignment on time, he won't accept it after the dealine...I think maybe it is the reason why I was reluctant to go to the class, even skipping it..!! I should have completed my assignment instead of watching TV last night!

I slept until two o'clock A.M. today...It's the second guilt that I committed...I'm so depressed and upset at myself because I spent so much money and so much time on LTTC, but I just skip the class and waste my time. I'm so sorry for that. I've been determined to study hard, but I disobey my discipline. Because I feel a little bit anxious about my future recently, I can't really concentrate on everything in my life. It's in disorder, but I sholud adjust myself to the life as soon as possible! Therefore, I make up my mind (again) that I won't skip any class from next Monday!!!

BTW, My mother will come to Taipei today, for her work, and she might sleep here. Good luck to me, haha~


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