I havn't posted any article for a long time! I think...it's much more than "long" time. It has almost been 5 years that I havn't updated my blog!!!haha~


Just a short while ago, I searched for the information about LTTC, and I found that someone wrote something about his/her life in LTTC. I 'm so sympathetic to his /her writing and also have the same feeling. Since I signed up EI3 in LTTC, I had an unforgettable exprience in my life of learning English. This was indeed the most memorable day of my life. I like my classmates and my teachers....Not until I joined LTTC did I know how fun learning English is. Perhaps it is the reason why I sign up EH-5 this term. I like my friends and I don't want to separate from them...however, I know that the splendid life in LTTC will be the end one day...

Sometimes, we are afraid that something might be gone one day. However, everyone should grow up and keep going after all. I believe that there must be another situation that make you feel as good as in LTTC. Face the future, and you will find the way belonging you.




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